About our Program

In 1991, a group of local citizens and law enforcement decided to form an area crime stoppers program. The only other crime stopper program in Brazoria County at the time was the "Stop Crime of Alvin Crime Stoppers" program.

In November of 1992, Angleton Area Crime Stoppers was formed and had applied for a grant to purchase a computer, telephone, fax machine, and other office equipment. However, the Texas Crime Stoppers Council was only allowed to grant funding to one crime stoppers program in each county. Since Alvin had already established a crime stoppers program in the county, the Department of Criminal Justice awarded them a 50/50 grant that was to be split between the two certified programs. 

At that time, the Angleton Area Crime Stoppers program was located inside the Angleton Police Department and the phone line was answered by a police officer. Angleton Area Crime Stoppers was also an umbrella program for some of the area schools.

As the surrounding areas developed and the population grew, the potential for crime increased. A decision was made by the board members and local agencies to include the central and northern areas of the county in the program.

In 1993 the Stop Crime of Alvin Crime Stoppers merged with the Angleton Area Crime Stoppers. As the two merged as one, a decision was made to change the program's name to Brazoria County Crime Stoppers, since it included the entire county. 

The headquarters for Brazoria County was eventually relocated to the Brazoria County Dentention Center, otherwise know as 
Brazoria County Sheriff's Office, which is located at 3602 County Road 45, Angleton, Tx. 

The Brazoria County Crime Stoppers program is made up of  county volunteers who are willing to devote their time and resource to ensure that the program is a success and is open to all citizens. The program continues to exceed our expectations and has proven to be a valuable resource for local and county law enforcement.

Mission Statement

The mission of Brazoria County Crime Stoppers is to provide a method by which county, local, and school law enforcement receive information on crimes in a manner that aids in the capture of criminals. It also rewards the tipster for information that otherwise may not have surfaced. Brazoria County Crime Stoppers are committed to supporting all law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.


Who is Involved

Jim Barnette      President-2018
Larry Fansher      Vice President- 2018
Jill Bradshaw      Treasurer - 2018
Sandra Barnett      Secretary - 2018
Patricia Rhyne      Board Member since 2013
Nancy McClaren      Board Member-2018
Richard McClaren      Board Member-2018
JW Rhyne      Board Member-2018
Tammy Taylor      Lifetime Member
Doug Domingues      Board Member-2018
Patricia Sims      Board Member since 2012
Molly Wilson      Board Member - Lifetime Member
Wayne Rodgers      Board Member
Laura Gonzalez      County Coordinator - 2018
Jeff Mink      Law Enforcement
John Stanford      Board Member
Janet Jamme      Board Member
Elizabeth "Liz" Cope      Board Member
Robert Glesecke      Executive Board Member