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Crime Stoppers encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement: fear and apathy.

Crime Stoppers provides a telephone number and Web Tips to encourage all citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful
to law enforcement agencies to fight against crime.

Crime Stoppers is funded by grants from the Criminal Justice Division. It also receives funds from the courts when fines are paid by those who have been arrested or convicted. None of the funding comes from your tax dollars.

Callers can remain anonymous and are eligible to recieve a cash reward if the information given leads to an arrest of a felony offender. This provides the community a safer place to live and work

Crime Stoppers relies on volunteer directors and tax deductible contributions from the public in order to operate the administration of the program.





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While we welcome ANY tip information that is submitted, please try and give as many SPECIFIC DETAILS as possible. If we do not have details, we will have a difficult time processing. Below is just some of the criteria that the officers need in order to investigate your tip information. Many times information is submitted and the tip lays dead due to lack of information. Tipsters, please some investigative work on your own. You will find that if you do, your rewards will come much quicker! Be careful and stay safe!

  1. Name - We need a FIRST AND LAST name. Officer's can't arrest someone named "Joe" without knowing Joe's last name.
  2. Birthdate- A birthdate is extremely helpful. It helps determine if we have the correct person. There are many people that have the same first and last names.
  3. Address - We need a valid address. If a tip states that "Joe" lives in Freeport, that doesn't give the police much to go on. If you don't know the correct address location, then give some "very good" descriptive directions on where the person lives, what color/style/dwelling the house or apartment is.
  4. Videos/Pics- Any evidence is a HUGE help.
  5. Vehicle- Color, Make, Model, Liscense plate number.
  6. Employment - Where the person works and location
  7. Location of where the suspect stays at night or during the day. Their hangouts and who they hang out with.
  8. If you saw their photo in the paper, please state the NAME OF THE PAPER where you saw it. If you saw it on television, please let us know what program
  9. Remember, the more details that you give us, the faster we can make an arrest and the better your chance are of receiving the reward!

 SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?                                             
                                        GO AHEAD AND MAKE THE CALL......