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School Program


Campus Crime Stopper programs provide any student a safe and anonymous way to provide information about criminal activity, threats, drugs or weapons, without fear of retaliation. If you have information about a crime committed on or around school property, or about threats of a crime,contact your campus crime stoppers coordinator or your campus police. DO NOT attempt to solve the matter yourself.

You may submit a tip here on this website.C
rime Stoppers does not
discriminate based on the age of the tipster. Anyone can submit a tip
and your identity is guaranteed
100% anonymous!

How Does The Program Work?

If you are a student, parent, teacher, school staff member or a
concerned citizen you can call with information about crimes on or
around any school property. No one will ask for your name, just
for your information

What Sort Of Crimes Should I Call About?
Anything! We are interested in any crime that happens on or around school property.Drugs, drinking alcohol, graffiti, vandalism, burglary, weapons, and gang activity are all crimes that affect safety and our student’s ability to learn. 

            What Happens To The Information That I Give To 
               Campus Crime Stoppers?

When you inform your coordinator or local campus police of the
crime the information that you provide will be investigated.

What Happens If The Information I Give Is Wrong?
Can Someone Go To Jail Because Of Me?
No. The information will be used as part of an investigation.
No one is ever arrested based only on tip information.

Do I Get A Reward?
If a crime is solved, and an arrest is made, or if a weapon is
confiscated because of a tip you gave to Campus Crime Stoppers, you
ARE ELIGIBLE for a reward.The Crime Stoppers Board meets
every month to decide the amount paid for each successful tip

If I Don’t Give My Name, How Do I Collect My Reward?
When you submit your information, you will be given a code number.
If your tip leads to an arrest, confiscation of a weapon, or the
solution of a crime, WILL RECEIVE a reward.  You will then call
Crime Stoppers back and give your code number and will be told
how to collect your reward – without ever giving your name!


Welcome to Alvin ISD
Campus Crime Stoppers !

Alvin ISD has been very active in supporting the campus
crime stopper program. We are under the umbrella of Brazoria
County Crime Stoppers, which is located in Angleton, TX.  
Our campus crime stoppers receives it's funding by submitting
quarterly and yearly statistics to the board of the Brazoria County
Crime Stoppers.

Our main mission is to help eliminate any crime in our schools 
and to open a door for any student to come forth with knowledge
of a crime without fear of retaliation from other students. The tipster's
identity is 100% anonymous.

The campus crime stoppers program for Alvin ISD is made up of students
and faculty members who are willing to donate their time and efforts. We are
comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. We also
have a faculty member to oversee the program and facilitate the rewards.
No student is ever told who the tipsters are. Below is a list of schools that
are involved in the campus program for Alvin ISD.

 Alvin ISD Campus Crime Stoppers

Alvin High School
Alvin Jr. High
Fairview Jr.   

G.W. Harby Jr. High
Manvel High School
Manvel Jr. High
        Nolan Ryan Jr. High

Campus Crime Stoppers Coordinator -  Tammy Taylor 


Campus Crime Stoppers Coordinator - Mary Griffith
Tip Hotline # 979-997-7911


Brazoswood High School
302 West Brazoswood Drive
Clute, TX 77531
Campus Coordinator - Dina Perez
Tip Hotline # 979-248-4984

1800 West Second
Freeport, TX 77541
Campus Crime Stoppers Coordinator - Ty Morrow




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